Bronzite Gemstone Bracelet

Bronzite Gemstone Bracelet

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In a transition phase, feeling unsure or anxious? Bronzite is a powerfully grounding stone, reminding you that all of your needs are provided by the Universe/Source. Everything you need is already within you. Bronzite clears the mind and helps you make thoughtful decisions so you're next move is your best move.

  • Repels negative energy
  • Promotes clarity and certainty of thinking and actions
  • Clears confusion; allows for objective, big picture thinking
  • Promotes a loving and unprejudiced discernment
  • Provides the ability to resolve unsettled emotions
  • Increases self-esteem & self-confidence in new situations
  • Instills the courage to follow through with life path decisions

> 8mm beads

> One size fits most